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July 25, 2019
Hi there!
Thanks for checking this out. It's very early, but definitely time to do some actual play testing!

There are 2 main components to the game, building and attacking.

You'll receive a turn every 15 minutes, and your "income" every half hour (30 minutes), represented in Dollars ($). Income is an upgradable resource, turns are not.

The idea is to build buildings, which give room to build units, which can be used for attacking other users. My goal for building this game is to have people playing at least once, preferably twice a day for a short amount of time.

Turns allow you to "do" something. Most things cost turns.
You can use turns to research upgrades, build buildings and units, as well as attack other users.

Every 30 minutes you'll get your income, this is the games' main currency, most purchases are made with your quarterly income.

One of the few resources that can only be bought with Turns, yields extra land to build buildings on.

Building Buildings:
All buildings are purchased at 5 buildings per turn. Buying 4 buildings costs 1 turn, buying 6 buildings costs 2 turns. It does not matter if you buy different buildings, as long as it's a multiple of 5 you should be good to go.
Buildings cost land, money and power.

Building Units:
Not all units are purchased with the same amount of turns. Infantry units go for 20 units per turn, while Air units go at a rate of 10 units per turn.
It does not matter if you buy different units, as long as it's a multiple of however many units per turn is stated on the page you should be good to go.
Units cost money.

The research tab allows you to add various upgrades as well as new functionality to your current round.

Each attack costs 3 turns.
You can only attack other users that are in 25% range of your own networth, except if you're in a mutual clan war.
Attacks can yield money and land when victorious, however you can lose a significant amount of your army if the defender has a strong defense.
If you deal the final blow and kill all of your target's buildings you'll be granted 85% of the target users' money, as well as a great amount of land. The killed user's account will be reset and under protection for the next 24 hours.

If you're just starting, or you've been killed, you will be under protection for 24 hours, meaning nobody can attack you. During your protection you have some to build up your base again without being killed immediately.

Sum of all units and buildings you have, in other words: your in-game ranking.

A Clan is a group of people who can help each other and fight bigger wars.
In a clan you can send financial aid to other clan members, as well as discuss private strategy matters on the clan forum.

Clan wars:
Clans can declare war to each other, Once a war declaration becomes mutual (meaning the opposite clan also declared war to your clan), there are no more Networth attacking limits with regards to attacking those clan members. e.g. you can go for the kill.
A war declaration can only be subtracted 24 hours after it's been issued.

A round typically lasts for 2 weeks.
After a round, winners will be announced, and all accounts are reset to the default setup.
Clans are not affected by round resets.
June 23, 2020

Don't forget to add the game as an app on your favorite phone,tablet or browser. The game is meant to be used on mobile as well as on a desktop.

How to install on Android:
-- Just visit the website in a browser. If you don't immediately get promted to add the app to your device, refresh the page.

How to install on IOS:
-- Tap the Share button in Safari, find the icon labeled "Add to Home Screen", then hit "Add" in the upper-right corner.